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we. a poem for women.

We are told that our clothes define us. We are told that a showing bra strap will distract the boys and we are pulled out of our classes and stripped of our education because of showing shoulders or a shirt that doesn't completely cover our butt while wearing leggings. We are told that our bodies are a distraction for the other students because our clothes are too tight. We are told that a tight dress or v-neck shirt was the reason she got raped. We are shown that coaches care more about a football players reputations that a poor girls well being. We are told that wearing an uncomfortable, tight, restricting, suffocating bra is so that our bodies don't show the breasts that we were given by God himself. We are told that the reason we can't play sports is because they are too rough for a girl. We are told we are not pretty without makeup and we are too ugly with a lot. We are told that being sent home to hide our bodies is more important than our education. We are shown everyday that our education is important unless at the expense of a boy getting distracted by our shoulder or our belly buttons. We are women. And we want change.

Every day young women in schools get subjected to sexism. There are girls being pulled out of classes and being told to change because their bra strap or a shoulder could be a distraction for the boys. Our education is being put on hold because of a boy being distracted. Why don't we start teaching our young men to respect women's bodies instead of taking the girls away from their education because of their dress. I am a 16 year old girl. If you are sexualizing me, YOU are the problem here.

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